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About Raptor Shield

Raptor Shield is one of the most revolutionized small dog protection jackets on the market today. 

Raptor Shield was designed and tested to give small dogs a fighting chance against vicious attacks from hawks and other raptors. 

With Raptor Shield, you can have a piece of mind knowing that your pet is protected from these dangerous predators. 

Now, there's finally an option to help your pet.  Raptor Shield is made with quality material to comfortably fit your pet with adjustable straps, and ventilation for warmer climates. 

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Hello, I'm Bill Caruso, and I am the inventor of Raptor Shield. Raptor Shield was created after a Red Tail Hawk attacked my 9 lb. Silky Terrier, Daisy. Luckily, Daisy survived the attack.After the incident, I went on the Internet to see if there was anything out there to protect small dogs from hawks or other birds of prey, but I found nothing. The web was full of “ideas & techniques” to try and scare a bird away in a potential attack.I needed a solution, not distraction techniques.

After endless searching, I decided to design a product to give small dogs a chance, and dog owners a peace of mind when taking their pets for a walk or even letting them out in the yard. In 2014 I began creating prototype Raptor Shields out of various materials, and shapes. After numerous failed shapes, Raptor Shield finally began to blossom into the dog protector I originally had in mind. After the shape was determined, I then began to shift my focus to which materials Raptor Shield should be made out of, to best protect dogs, while being comfortable enough to wear. and after trying various plastics, polycarbonate was decided upon.Polycarbonate is actually the material typically used in bullet proof windows.

Now that I had decided on the shape and materials I wanted to use, we brought the prototype product to local wild life foundations, and had the material tested against the talons of a Hawk, and was shown to not puncture. Raptor Shield was finally ready to be taken to the masses and begin saving the lives of dogs across the world.

Raptor Shield is located in Illinois and all of our Raptor Shield products are made to keep your beloved pet as safe as possible. Made in the USA.

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Protects Your Dog From Potentially Deadly Attacks!!


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Raptor Shield has a goal to help protect your dog or other small animal against birds of prey, hawks, owls, and other animals. Our vest is the first line of defense against many predator attacks aimed at harming your pet. Protect your pet now! Order Raptor Shield and lesson the damage a hawk, owl, or other bird of prey can cause.